"Place of Enunciation" 

current solo exhibition at 

MUSA Museum of the Arts


Closing END OF JANUARY 2024

First Room : How else can I Serve you ?

"In the heart of the First Room is an art installation with the artist pieces from the series How Else Can I Serve You? They emerged as a captivating reflection on social divisions, violence, patriarchy and the fragility of class differences. Nestled within a grand exhibition space, the installation is inviting visitors to embark on a thought-provoking journey.As viewers entered the room, their gaze was immediately drawn to the two tables positioned opposite each other. 

 The juxtaposition was a poignant reminder of the vast disparities that exist within society.

Second Room : Sacred Seed

This installation, serves as inspiration to awaken a new consciousness and reconnect with Mother Earth. Music and live performance by Beatriz Pichimalen 
Main film Performance  by Rachel Loba Robles. 
The idea of involving women from different corners of this planet and offering seeds as symbols of femininity, abundance, and healing is intended to give them a voice.
“These performances are very significant to me and are closely related to my family history. My ancestors were Italian farmers who, fleeing the horrors of World War II, settled in Argentina and relied on farming as a means of survival, which continues to be the main source of income for my extended family to this day."

Third Room : Double Enunciation 

In this room we can find a  compilation of some series from the artistic and curatorial practice of the artist.The map was a practical visual tool to identify all the different countries were in the last decade I produce artwork or curatorial projects.It was included as part of the installation  series of videos with the visuals. Also in the and room it was a selection from the series No More Blood (like textiles, video, photography and wallpaper) also  the series The House and Underneath the skin emptiness.

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